Saturday, September 24, 2016

It is overcast here again this morning but most thankfully, no wind and at the moment no rain either.  Dale and Steve are headed back up to work on the roof at the property.  Steve had come to help Dale unload a tool box last night and as we took him home, Dale asked if they needed the flame thrower to dry the roof before laying the felt.  
Steve asked why he thought that and Dale said he thought Steve had used it on his roof?  Steve's reply......"I did but it was to melt any of the frozen spots so I could work safely and not fall off."  Ummmmmmm.....and that worked how?  Steve continued, "I had made the first pass over the roof and was doing the second just to make sure I hadn't missed any when I stepped on a slick spot and OFF I WENT!" He had the wind knocked out of him and he said he must have blacked out for a minute but he had the presence of mind when he came to, to turn off the flame thrower! 
Steve's roof is a fair bit higher as ours will be and since he fell from the top, it was a long ways to the ground.  Since that episode had happened while Steve was staying with us getting the roof up, we had already known about it but I told Steve I think he/Patrick have the same guardian angel.  
To hear him and his brothers talk about growing up and the things they did that should have done them in years ago as well as other stories we can tell on Steve since we have known him but will save those for another time.  (Picture today is of Steve working on his roof several years after the falling off incident.)
On our way home saw 3 moose and 2 swans. No pictures, rats.....
All righty, I have to work today so had best get at it, love from our corner of the world....

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gravel trucks in AK sure make me cranky.  Saturday afternoon as Dale/I headed out KGB, a truck coming toward us threw a big ol' piece of gravel at our windshield.  I am certainly glad Dale was driving as I DUCKED when it slammed into the windshield.  I know it was time to replace the windshield, but seriously, that one broke both panes of glass!! 
    Amanda had a piano tuning on Tuesday so the boys came to play with me for the day. My-my but it was quiet in here after they left, but we did have fun!
Besides the birdseed things we made, crowns were created and worn tents/tunnels put up and used, the boys conquered the exer-bike (both of them on it a once) swung the kitty toys, ---Patrick thinks he needs a cowboy hat and lasso now--- made spaghetti for dinner and watched the swans some more. Charlie read me a story and wrote to his pen-pal too. I am blessed to have little ones come play with me for the day!  (Then it was time to turn this crazy place back into a house!)
    Oh....and although Cat-cat didn't exactly come up to Charlie, at least he didn't head for parts unknown when Charlie tried to get closer to him. And.....we even watched a movie. Now how is that for a fun-busy day?!
     All righty, enough out of me as I need to get at it here again.  Love from our corner of the world.....

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Oscar-kitty says he really wishes I had bought the love seat instead of the chair I got.  In this chair, he can lay next to me but the love seat would really have given him more room for snuggling up to me without fear of falling off.  Maybe in the next living room I will have enough space for one?
Our weather this week has been a mixd bag of rain,mist and overcast skies but yesterday the sun broke through once more.  After the fog finally lifted, Dale was able to get more of the roof done at the property.  He said he was only bringing the small pieces (4' ones) up one at a time and nailing them down so somebody didn't accidentally step on an un-secured piece and go flying off the roof and as the wind was beginning to pick up, he figured he would quit when our neighbor came over to give him a hand with the last few.  They are tacked into place and he will go finish totally getting them firmly fastened down today.
This morning there was ice on any standing water out on the deck and the heater has been clicking on during the night so must mean winter will be knocking on the door soon. 
Had swans come to visit the past 3 days.  I was able to get pictures of them Thursday morning in the rain, yesterday it was so foggy the camera could barely see them and this morning, I was able to snap a couple of photos of them in the mist before they headed out.  I am hoping they will return tonight for a visit again.
All righty.....I have the day off, need to get at it here.  Love from our corner of the world.....

Monday, August 15, 2016

Saturday the boys came to play while Amanda was doing a piano tuning and I had thought we might go to the park but rain threatened so we just played here at the house.
    First I gave the boys haircuts on the deck then they got to use scissors and the new cooky cutters for the play dough.  We had some lunch and Charlie ate 15 fishsticks!!   Afterwards he said his tummy was a little tippy.  He never got sick but  I did suggest that maybe next time he ate so many fish sticks that he leave a little bit of time between for them to settle?  Patrick put away his fair share of fish sticks too, only he ate half of his frozen.  Goofy kid.
   Patrick LOVES umbrellas but the one he had here, I am afraid he had played with it so much it was broken. I told him there was a larger one on the deck he could open up and we did that.  I was busy getting ready to give Charlie his hair cut and I hear little voice from the deck calling “Help Grandma!”,  me….”Hold on a minute Pat-Pat” and almost immediately I hear a panicked little voice call  “Grandma!!!  I need some HELP HERE!!!!”  I decided I better investigate a little quicker than I had planned to and sure enough, he was being picked up Mary Poppins style via umbrella with the wind.  I had to laugh as I rescued him but for sure….he needed HELP when he called for it that time!!
     It never ceases to amaze me what little boys like to play with.  Somewhere Patrick found 2 hollow table legs off of an outdoor side table and they immediately became rocket packs, complete with flames of red paper shooting out the end, then Charlie needed some too, so we found another  little side table with removable legs and I got 2 out for Charlie, which meant that Patrick needed a couple more too.  
I got one out but told him the other one was stuck.  “No grandma, step on it like this and PULL!”  Sure enough, I was able to step on the table to pull out a couple more of the legs and that kid has learned about leverage at a very young age I say!
    Charlie made his table legs into a telescope then it magically turned into a flame thrower after Patrick said that Charlie could have some of the flame from his rocket pack.  
    When it came time to leave, Patrick wailed “I don’t want to go home!!!”   But as Charlie headed out the door, he quickly changed his mind and went galloping after Charlie calling, “Don’t leave without ME Charlie!!”  He did have to make 2 laps around their rig before he could be convinced to get into his seat but they finally got buckled up and on their way.  
    Dale had come home for some lunch and lay down for a nap while the boys were here and their tummies were full and there was a short time of nearly quiet here in the house.  With those 2 boys, it is hard to believe they are ever quiet, but once in awhile the noise subsides some.
    On my way home from work one night I saw Mama Moose and twins alongside the road.  I slowed wayyyyyyy down just in case they decided to cross in front of me but they stayed away from the edge of the pavement.  I had hoped I could snap a picture of them but mama hustled the 2 little ones back into the woods before you could say jack rabbit so once again, it was so cool and an awww nuts at the same time.
All righty....enough out of me for this day. Photo today is of  Charlie taking picture of swans here last year.
Love from our nearly sun-shiny for once corner of the world.....

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Had the day off so snagged Amanda and boys to go for a ride with me into Eagle River.  Had thought that after finishing my business we would go for a walk at the nature center but of course it was pouring down rain.  We came back towards Wasilla and thought we would walk the Reflection Lake loop which is just a one mile loop, but the river is terribly high with the marsh around soggy in water as well, so we bagged that idea too.  We did see 2 swans along the flats as we went into town so had to be content with that. 
Saturday guys worked in the rain most of the afternoon out at the new property and Dale said he thought about taking his coffee cup out to the new slab and setting down in a lawn chair to enjoy coffee on the new floor but it was raining so hard, that he gave that idea up before it got very far.  
I found mama moose along side the road as I came home from work last night and since it is still light enough at 9:30 for picture taking,  I just stopped in the middle of the road, glad it was on a straight stretch and little traffic!  Today as I went to Amanda's her neighbors were standing in their road talking.  I pulled up and said "Don't you just hate it when the traffic gets heavy and you have to move out of the middle of the road so's not to get hit?"  Then I sat blocking their road as we chatted for about 10 minutes before going on the last little bit.
Oh!!!  Amanda saw moose as we came back across the flats but traffic was heavy and I couldn't see them for trying to keep my eyes on the road/cars around me even after Amanda stuck her hand right in front of my nose to say "THERE THEY ARE!!!"  But then her next words were....."It is nice being the passenger and being able to gawk around!"
All righty, time to get the dishes done.  Love from our corner of the world...

Sunday, August 7, 2016

I had to work on Friday but Saturday, Lynn and I decided to go south to Whittier. No animals on our way but at Potter Marsh, there were ducks, gulls and a couple of geese.
      We made our first stop at the Railroad museum but it was mostly closed due to the McHugh Fire that had been raging in that area so we had to be content just walking around the outside displays.  While we were there, a passenger train rumbled past and the weather was beautiful for walking around.  We could even see Sleeping Lady across the bay and the volcanos down on the Kenai.
        Our next stop was at Portage, where I learned an interesting bit of information…...if you have your senior citizen pass to the National Parks, not only does the card holder get in free but also 3 of your closest friends!  Lynn chuckled and said that since we were in my truck, I was her closest friend for the day and saved me what would have been my $5 entrance fee!  I am pretty sure that next year I will be getting one and when Amanda/boys go on outings, we can save a little money here and there.
     We did the tour of the visitor center, and watched a short movie on the history of the area before deciding what to do next.  I deliberated as to whether to take Lynn through the Whittier Tunnel or to go back to the Wild Game Farm, but opted to take the tunnel.  I love the history of the tunnel as much as driving it and of course the harbor in Whittier with all the colorful boats at the other end is worth the drive itself.  
  After exiting the tunnel, I made a short side trip to see if the Salmon berries were ripe.   I was also thinking that if the berries were pickable, the bears might be around for us to see as well, but I think we were about a week too late as the plants had been pretty well stripped bare.  
   We were able to glean enough berries for Lynn to have tempting taste of the wild sweet gems, but like I told her, driving the 70+miles and $12 tunnel fee, I didn’t drive down too often during the summer to catch them at just the right picking time.  
    I knew it would be pot-luck as far as weather but it was a pleasant surprise to have the sun shining as brightly on the Whittier side as it was on the Portage end but the wind was blowing so hard it was literaly whistling.  After walking along the boardwalk above the boat harbor, I told Lynn we would go up to listen to the waterfall thunder down the mountain and try to get out of the wind a bit.  
    We enjoyed the sandwiches, salad and chips that Lynn had packed for our picnic lunch in the sunshine then walked over to see if we could get a photo of the waterfall.  The trees were blocking the view of said waterfall, but we both took pictures of the creek tumbling past and as Lynn said earlier, the water was really rushing down the side of the mountain.
    It is amazing how fast our time flew by and after  we got back through the tunnel, it was time to head towards home once more.  We did make a short stop in Eagle River for some corn and garlic bread to have with the brisket that Dale had been smoking all day for our dinner but then pointed the truck towards home.
   As we got closer to Wasilla, the sky got darker and I told Lynn I thought we had made a good choice as far as heading south as it looked like we had found the sun and left the rain clouds behind for a while.  
     She agreed with me and then as I turned off the Parks Highway onto Pittman boy-howdy did we find one HUGE BLACK-BLACK cloud!!  I stopped for fuel, and it wasn’t half a mile up the road after pulling back onto Pitmman that we found the DRIVING RAIN!!!!  The rain was hitting the windshield so fast and furious the windshield wipers could barely keep the window clear and Lynn/I could hardly talk for the noise of the rain on the metal of the truck.  WOW!!!
    The rain was still coming down furiously when I pulled into the drive and Lynn said she thought the storm would pass soon and would just leave her groceries in the truck until it subsided some and I agreed.  I did grab the corn and bread so we could finish up our dinner but left the rest until after dinner.  I had on just a light cotton shirt and no joke, it was soaked through by the rain in the 30 feet or so from truck to door.
    Sunday, I gave Lynn the use of my truck.  She left early, returning about 4-ish to enjoy dinner with Amanda/boys, Todd, Tim and I.  She had gone North to Talkeetna then drove over the Hatcher Pass Road from Willow.  She said after she got to the rougher/muddy part, she was a little worried about damaging the pickup and the mud seemed to be coating it well, but she was glad she had made the trip, even if it was pouring down rain.   No, she hadn’t driven on up to the glacier but had gone onto Sutton and seen some of the historic things around there.  She says she is coming back next year, so we can visit some of the things she didn’t have time for or get to this year.  And she hadn’t found the sunshine, only less rain in places than others.
   Monday, I again told her to take my truck and this time, she went as far south as Seward.  She said she might have gone on towards Homer but didn’t have a change of clothes with her and I told her, next year maybe we would go that direction as Karen hadn’t been that way in all the years she has visited.  Having Mom on dialysis treatments, really chewed into how far from Wasilla we could go as she spent 3 days week there, Homer is about 6 hour trip and of course with the side trips through Kenai, we can easily spend 4 or 5 days just down there.

  Anyhow, she enjoyed the sea Life center, did NOT see any animals other than the bison from the road at the game farm as she passed by and 1 swan.  She says when she arrived in AK, all the animals went into hiding.  She did see moose 2 nights while here at the house but no swans came to visit, and although she could hear the cranes, she only saw them once across the lake.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It was almost like flipping a light switch, but when we turned the calendar page from July to August, summer has moved on, leaving our  corner of the world to turn to fall.  The tree leaves began to get limp and fade into the yellowish color that precedes them falling to the ground, the fireweed is beginning to go to seed and the screamers have left the lake.
 Had one swan on the lake this morning so I went to the edge of the lake to get photo of swan and got to watch the ducks taking an early morning bath as well. 
Then had to go into town to get phone updated, (bought Dale a new one, I have his old so am able to text now) then decided since I had the day off and it was a beautiful one for being out, went to Talkeetna.  Usually I take Amanda and boys but this trip wanted to do some Christmas shopping so left them behind.  We will go in a couple of weeks to the park since that is Charlie's FAVORITE one!!
It was a nice day for an outing, found a couple of the Christmas gifts I was looking for then stopped at the new library.  Wow!!!!  I didn't browse long, I found a couple of books and a book on cd to listen to then hit the road towards home 
When I got home, there were 2 swans on the lake, I fixed and ate my dinner then went out and around the corner to see if they might come up on the dock for closer photos, but seems while I was taking the time to eat, they left the lake! Now, how did I miss all the racket they make on take off?  I had the patio door open AND the window.  I didn't think the cd I was listening to was that loud, but I must have been distracted. photos.
Neighbor Todd called to ask if I had heard them during the day?  They had flown back and forth across our area several times just trumpeting like crazy.  Nope, I was gone and did not hear them.  Sigh.....oh well.
Progress continues on the new property.  Dale let me know just as I was getting home that the slab had indeed been poured today which is a good thing because it is to be rainy the next few days and I am sure he was thinking it would be another week or 2 before the concrete would be down. 
 Now comes the mad push to get building up/enclosed before winter sets in.  If we can get it that far, he can do the inside work afterwards.  It is going to be a wood frame building and he will put it up himself.   Yup, he has his work cut out for him and  I told him to stay home and work on building instead of going to Spokane in a couple weeks with me for Mom/Dad's memorial service.  
All righty.....because I went to play this day, still have some housework to do before heading to bed and I have an early morning dentist appointment so best get at it.  Photos are of this morning's visitors.
Love from our corner of the world......